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My name is Jeff Powell and I have been interested in woodworking and artwork all my life.  Creating new things with my hands is my passion in life.  Over the past few years, I have subdued to the nickname given to me by many as the Masterscroller.  Although I have won numerous awards for my pens and artwork, I still try and maintain my humility and am deaply honored that so many people think of me in such ways.  Please view my art gallery and pen galleries and feel free to ask absolutely any questions you feel necessary.   If purchasing a fountain pen I do carry 18k fountain nibs for an additional fee, unless the pen is listed as already having one, please look in the accessories area for nib upgrades.

New to the site.... For those of you that visit the site on a regular basis, you will notice I've made some drastic inventory changes. I am slowly dropping all my pens that use manufactured kit parts and switching soley to customized pens where I make all or most of the parts right here by hand in my own work shop. Although I can not make a fountain nib, I am able to produce every other pen component necessary, which in my opinion means you are truly buying made in the USA as well as the fact that you are purchasing one of a kind pens that can not be reproduced by anyone, including myself, since I make them one at a time.


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Whats New in Pens?


Here's something you don't see every day!  Snowflakes on a pen..imagine that!  This pen is the total USA experience, the body is hand crafted from aluminum bar stock, the clip is hand forged from aluminum sheet stock, the snowflakes cut out with my CNC and then cast in a nice deep blue resin and of course a beautiful Bexley fountain pen nib! This is how you seperate the men from the boys Wink






After months of aggrivation I am finally getting the hang of my newest shop addition, a Syil X5 CNC mill! This machine is opening the door for a whole new direction of idea's that I could only once dream of accomplishing.  This is my first pen created off the machine.  This is a brass metal inlay in silver acrylic, a tribal dragon that wraps halfway around the pen cap and metal flames completely surround the pen body. It took 25 hrs of machine cutting time, 350,000 lines of computer code. By special request I can produce this pen in Brass or Aluminum, fountain pen or rollerball.


Brass Flaming Tribal Dragon



This has got to be one of my most labor intensive ballpoint pens ever! It is my classic wooden leaves inlaid into a swirl of autumn colored resins and mated with hand cut brass hardware. The clip is solid brass, screwed and soldered into position.  The knurled finial twists to activate a private reserve parker style refill...the smoothest writing ballpoint pen ever, you'd think it was a rollerball!


Autumn Infusion



I have also now created a fountain pen version, using brass pumbing parts as fitting as sheet brass bent over and soldered into position, how cool is that!!!

Voted best custom pen at 2011 Internatinal Association of Penturners Birthday Bash


Autumn Infustion Fountain Pen!






SOLD Trophy Bass ! One of  my latest custom creation.s  This pen is Aluminum and Alumilite.  It features a hand cut Largemouth Bass leaping out of the water. I dug into my tackle bocx and found one of my favorite lures, which I then proceded to cut up. The triple hook is on the top of the pen, I filed down the points, so they are still a little sharp, but won't just instantly poke a person.  The spinner is screwed to the back of the pen as a functions but is meant for decoration only. The rubber tail strands were removed and re-attached to the end of the pen. This is a fountain pen, with a Bach Iridimum point nib, I believe it is a #7.  It can use a fountain refill or a converter pump. This is a truly unique one of a kind desk pen!


Trophy Bass




Scrolled Pen Blanks:

To purchase any of my scrolled or cast pen blanks, please visit is my exclusive pen blank dealer, where you can purchase all types of pen blanks and other pen related items from one convenient source.  Thank you.


Store Payments...All purchases off the site at this time will be through Paypal.  Paypal is the most secure place to make transactions without requiring me to protect your information. Paypal does accept credit card do not have to be a registered pay pal user to pay with paypal!