Bambu Suicide

Start date 8/15/10


This is my latest in progress intarsia piece.  I will try and keep things updated to show just how much work goes into one of these projects and all the details involved.  The first thing was to create the design.  The model used is Bambu Suicide of Las Vegas Nevada.  She is so smokin hot that I could not help but to imagine her standing in a pool of lava with a pheonix rising out of all the heat, it's tail seductively wrapping her body.  No doubt, this is not eveyone's taste, but this is what I live for and when it comes to artwork, I make what I love.


The Design stealing, this is my copyright design, property of™



This is the frame in the is hollowed out White Box Burl

It took 2 weeks just to get to this point and there's still a ton of sanding to do!



I begin with the most difficult stage first, cutting hair...there is a lot of hair.



With the majority of hair complete around the face, I then cut the face and tape it into place.

The money is for size comparison.



Section 1 cutting complete

Looks easy right!? Wink



Section 1 completed



This is now complete, 3 sections..upper body, lower body and phoenix.

Now...I am packing up the upper body and sending out for tattoo's.