Intarsia Shipping

The shopping cart will allow you to purchase an intarsia or more than one intarsia picture if you like.  Shipping will be billed at $5, but this is not the correct shipping rate.  It is not possible to calculate the shipping of an intarsia without physically packing up the item and taking it to a shipper to be weighed as well as insured.  After you purchase a picture, I will pack up the item and locate the most affordable source of transportation.  Then you will be billed again, but only for shipping.  If you paid $5 for shipping costs, this will be considered a down payment and will be deducted off the actual shipping and insurance rate. You will only be charged for the exact shipping charges and insurances, you will not be charged for any packing, handling and the time it takes me to figure out how to get the item to you. For small items, shipping is simple.  It is the larger, heavier and in some cases more fragile pieces that are of concern.