Magazine Articles
Sept 2010

This is my Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine article for September 2010, "Flame Pen and Stand"


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June 2010

This is my Creative Woodworks and Crafts, June 2010 article.  It is the creation of a dragonfly intarsia called "Macho Dragonfly"


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Single Barrel Finial Twist Pen

This is not a magazine article, but it is an online article I wrote about how to build a Single Barrel Finial Twist pen with custom nib too!  The article is 1.25 mb


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August 2010 Penworld Article

This is an article written about me in Penworld Magazine


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March 2010

This article is from March 2010 Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine.  The article is about casting fixed tube pens and features the Autumn Leaf pen.


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Winter 2009

This is an article about me, by Wes Demerest, featured in the Winter issue of Woodturning Design Magazine.  It is an article that explains how to make the Gecko pen.


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January 2010

Here is a PDF file of my January 2010  article in Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine...How to scroll fret style and fixed base style pen blanks.


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November 2009

Here is a PDF of my November 2009 article from Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine....This article pertains to casting eurthane resins in a pressure chamber.


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